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Wherever you are, your Pretty Woman companion is only a plane-ride away. Our ladies love to travel. And it's good to know that when you're in a strange city, there's a lovely woman on her way to keep you company. Whether you need someone on your arm at the Metropolitan Opera, a swank L.A. party, or a fireside in Vermont, we're there!

Just follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Call us and we'll put you in contact with the girl you desire. She can tell you when she's available to travel (usually, it's just a matter of clearing her schedule to accommodate you!). She'll want to know exactly where she will be going, of course. If there are any special items she'll need to bring (special clothing, etc.), she'll need to know that, too. It's easy!

Step 2: Make the necessary arrangements. That means calling the airlines and buying a round-trip electronic ticket in her name. The ticket must be paid for by credit card. She'll need pre-arranged ground transportation when she arrives. If you pick her up personally, have a photo ID with you, just for safety's sake. She'll need transportation back to the airport for her trip home, too.

Step 3: Enjoy your time together. Remember, her time begins when her plane takes off from Florida. If you arrange a flight with many stops or connections, the time she could have spent with you will be spent in airports! So for your own enjoyment, arrange the most direct flight possible.

Step 4: Call us again the next time you want the kind of special delivery that only Pretty Woman Escorts can provide!

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